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”Hot Cells” Facility Renovation and Modernization

”Hot Cells” Facility Renovation and Modernization


Beneficiary Organizations Details
Agency for Radwaste Management (ARAO)

Project Aims

  • To facilitate the needs for radiological measurements (characterisation) and conditioning of radioactive materials (radioactive waste).
  • To facilitate the needs for waste characterisation and conditioning of existing radioactive waste stored at the Central storage for small producers.
  • To facilitate future decommissioning of TRIGA Mark II reactor.
  • To safely manage radioactive material in case of a radiological emergency in Slovenia.

Project Results

  • Adopted plan for renovation and modernisation by regulatory body.
  • Tested and applicable existing installations that meet fire protection criteria, radiological protection criteria and ecological criteria.
  • Easy removal of possible future surface contamination in the facility.
  • The possibility to perform radiological characterisation of radioactive waste and separation of radioactive and non-radioactive waste (CLEARANCE of non-radioactive waste from regulatory control) established.
  • The possibility to control personal, surface and air contamination in the facility prepared.
  • Controlled air and liquid effluents.
  • The possibility to perform waste conditioning of open radioactive sources (cutting, sorting, segregation and compaction of compressible waste).
  • The possibility to protect the workers in areas with high probability of surface and air contamination.
  • The possibility to perform decontamination of equipment and building area.
  • Transported and safely manipulate drums and shielding containers in the facility.

The budget for this project is: 500 000 euro.
Further Project Results
Further information on the project could be sought from the beneficiary organizations.

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”Hot Cells” Facility Renovation and Modernization
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Waste Management
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