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Assistance for the implementation of the Modernisation of Kozloduy NPP Units 5 and 6

Assistance for the implementation of the Modernisation of Kozloduy NPP Units 5 and 6



The main objectives of the project were to:

  • Provide assistance to organise the institutional supervision of the Programme activities by the SAEER (State Agency for Energy and Energy Resources) and the European Commission/Euratom as regards the provision of Euratom's guarantees and loan agreements
  • Ensure close management collaboration with the SAEER and Kozloduy NPP
  • Provide assistance to Kozloduy NPP management and training of the key personnel related to the control of both the investment process and the quality of supplies

The outputs were :

  • To assist in the setting up of the ideal structure of the information system, and the software and hardware required to provide the Beneficiary with a precise flow of information related to the main programme implementation indicators
  • The preparation of a reporting system which satisfies the requirements of the Euratom Loan Agreements
  • To assist in the review of the existing procedures and in the preparation of the Finance Management and Project Follow- up procedures

The main activities consisted in:

  • Defining a Procedure to organize the institutional supervision of the programme activities for the SAEER requirements
  • providing detailed information to SAEER and KNPP (main staff and intermediate-level staff) on the project approach: reporting system, progress control, financial control, project procedures and training, with a view to reaching a common understanding of the whole work to be performed

  • Preparation of the control reports to be sent in order to provide the different Institutions involved in the Project with adequate information

  • Support to Kozloduy NPP for the following:

    -Preparation of all the documentation required for the reporting system, and establishment of the reporting inputs, specifying when and how they are required

    -The decision-making management for all related work performed by others

    -Follow-up of the design, manufacturing and testing of equipment

  • Extensive technology and know-how transfer by means of day-to-day close cooperation and exchange of information, sharing of experience, training in Project Management, Scheduling, Financing, Manufacturing Follow-up and specific training to the Operating and Maintenance staff during the course of the contract

  • Definition of the Project Progress and the Financial Control strategy

General Information

Assistance for the implementation of the Modernisation of Kozloduy NPP Units 5 and 6
Budget year: 
Types of activities: 
Euratom Loan Preparation
Installation types: 
Duration (months): 
British Energy
Empresarios Agrupados
Old reference: 
BG 9809-01-03
Effective contract date: 
Closure date: