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Assistance to the Nuclear Safety Authority of Slovak Republic, ÚJD (2nd Year)

Assistance to the Nuclear Safety Authority of Slovak Republic, ÚJD (2nd Year)


Beneficiary organisation details

- Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic (ÚJD)

Project Aims

The overall objective of this project was to assist Slovak Republic in strengthening the nuclear safety regulatory regime and to improve the performance of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority of Slovak Republic.

The specific objective was to provide a technical assistance and assure the transfer of western know how in following main areas:

  • Emergency preparedness and planning with special emphasis on internal emergency procedures;
  • Radioactive waste management and decommissioning;
  • Radiation protection;
  • Training pf personnel;
  • Licensing process;
  • Technical and administrative management.

This project was a part of more complex EC activities covering nuclear safety organisations in several eastern European countries.

Project Results

The project was practically oriented, offering a lot of training activities. Main project achievements are as follows:

  • Strengthening of emergency organisation through preparation and participation to emergency drills, training of hardware and software using, training of communication under media pressure;
  • Improvement of knowledge in the area of general policy of radioactive waste management and practical advice in the examination of the operational safety report for regional repository in Mochovce;
  • Transfer of knowledge on duties and responsibilities in the field of radiation protection, with special emphasis to control of doses and using the radiological passports.
  • Transfer of know how for the establishment of a central dose register;
  • Improved staff qualification in regulatory processes, quality assurance and inspection;
  • Reinforced knowledge of western European methodology on each step of licensing process, application of computer based systems for safety assessment methodology, training in in-service inspection methodology and classification of components;

Project objectives have been met and the project was completed in time and in accordance with the work plan.

Further Project Results

Further information on the project results can be sought from the beneficiary organizations. See also attached file.

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Assistance to the Nuclear Safety Authority of Slovak Republic, ÚJD (2nd Year)
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