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Balakovo NPP: General On-Site Assistance

Balakovo NPP: General On-Site Assistance


Objective R1.02/93
This “On-Site-Assistance”, in short “OSA”, project deals with the increase of the safety culture on the NPP. As in all other cases, the OSA was performed by an EU utility, working with a team of Western and Russian experts.
General purpose of the OSA:
• Definition of safety deficits;
• Proposal for remediation with or without further financial EC support;
• Definition of project proposals for EC to seek financial support for the selected project(s);
• Preparation of “Technical Specifications” (TS) for equipment supply projects, when a project has been adopted by EC and Minatom;
• Preparation of “Technical Terms of Reference” (TOR) for service projects, if considered necessary;
• Assistance to EC and Beneficiary in the procurement process to purchase the equipment;
• Assistance in the implementation / installation of procured equipment.
The Utility contracted by the EC for this project is RWE Biblis from Germany.
Result R1.02/93
In particular in the framework of this OSA project, the Utility supported the selection, procurement and installation of the following projects:
R1.02/94A - Improvement of water chemistry on primary and secondary side
R1.02/94B/J - Site specific adaptation of QA system
R1.02/94C - Spare parts for safety related systems
R1.02/94D - Replacement of SG Control Valves
R1.02/94E - Replacement of SG Safety Valves
R1.02/94F - Improvement of fuel load machine
R1.02/94G - Equipment for fire fighting
R1.02/94H - Improvement of personnel access control
R1.02/94X - Accumulator cells
R1.02/94Y - Flow meters in live steam piping
Further references may be found under the projects R1.02/94 and R1.02/94A-Y.
Objective R1.02/95
According to the intention of the EU and the Russian Ministry of Atomic Power the operational safety assistance started with TACIS 92 and continued with TACIS 95 with the same Western and Eastern Utility and NPPs. Similar to the procedure in TACIS 92 a joint Western/Eastern working team was to be set up to continue the work started in TACIS 92.
In this case RWE Energy AG is the Consultant, contracted by the European Commission to provide operational safety assistance to Balakovo NPP.
Result R1.02/95
The projects defined under the Tacis budget 1995 have been supported by the Western Utility in the following aspects:

  • Setting up a Technical Specification (TS);
  • Agreement with EC and Beneficiary on the TS;
  • Assistance in the procurement process;
  • Assistance in custom clearance;
  • Assistance in installation of the equipment.

Further general assistance has been given by the Western Utility in upgrading safety culture on the NPP.

General Information

Balakovo NPP: General On-Site Assistance
€ 1.225.345,37
Budget year: 
Types of activities: 
On Site Assistance
Duration (months): 
Contracting authority: 
European Commission
Partner (Beneficiary): 
RRCKI ( Russian Research Centre Kurchatov Institute)
CRIS number: 
Old reference: 
Project reference: 
R1.02/93 & R1.02/95
Decision number: 
multi annual
Method of procurement: 
Direct Agreement
Signature date: 
Effective contract date: 
Contract end date: 
Closure date: