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Bohunice A-1 Radiological Safety

Bohunice A-1 Radiological Safety


Beneficiary organisation details
Nuclear Installations Decommissioning, Radwaste and Spent Fuel Management Company
Project Aims
The overall objective of this project was to contribute to proper management of radioactive waste, generated during decommissioning of NPP A-1 (HWGCR) in Jaslovske Bohunice, Slovak Republic.
The specific objective of the project was to assist the Nuclear Installations Decommissioning, Radwaste and Spent Fuel Management company, responsible for decommissioning of A-1 NPP, in following issues:

  • Delivery of the decommissioning and radioactive waste management planning tool, in particular hardware system, software supporting establishing radioactive waste database, financial modeling of decommissioning activities and decommissioning project management. Relevant training was a part of the delivery;
  • Treatment of metallic radioactive waste, with special emphasis on technical study on decontamination and melting of the metallic waste;
  • Downgrading of the waste, with special emphasis on alpha radionuclides bearing waste, and another special categories of the waste mainly from the point of view of their compliance with waste acceptance criteria for Mochovce repository;
  • Storage (on site for approx. 50 years) of selected categories of radioactive waste, considered for disposal in deep geological formations.

Project Results
This project is a part of concerted effort of various organizations involved in decommissioning of NPP A-1. It has been concentrated to carefully selected issues, where the transfer of know–how and experience of EU countries could bring the biggest effect and benefit for beneficiary and for the country.
The main project results are as follows:

  • Decommissioning planning tool: The computer hardware, software and relevant operational manuals were delivered to the beneficiary and set up and tested with the assistance of contractor (AEAT). The beneficiary staff training precede the delivery;
  • Treatment of metallic waste: Extensive work has been performed in close co-operation of contractor (SOGIN) and local subcontractor, in particular, on inventory and characterization of metallic waste at NPP A-1; review of decontamination and relevant waste conditioning technologies, containers for storage and disposal and waste handling tools available on-site; and on evaluation of technological options (including preliminary safety assessment) for melting of metallic waste. Small capacity induction melter for processing of preliminary partially decontaminated metal waste was recommended as the most feasible option;
  • Downgrading of the waste: Detailed analysis of all aspects of non-metallic wastes management, covering legal and regulatory aspects, waste description and categorization (18 technological waste streams), handling, treatment and conditioning technologies, safety issues and assessment of compliance of final waste product in each waste stream with waste acceptance requirements for disposal in Mochovce repository has been performed by the contractor (Empresarios Agrupados). Mobile facilities have been recommended for waste processing, with cement as the most convenient matrix material. The report can serve as a valuable input for specification of the requirements for handling and processing the non-metallic waste;
  • Storage of special categories of waste: Based on previous step of the project (Downgrading of the waste) a group of specific waste streams – mostly containing long lived alpha nuclides - was identified, which cannot be accepted for the final disposal at Mochovce repository. They have to be stored in proper conditions until the repository in deep geological formations will be ready. Considering legal, technical, technological and economical aspects, construction of separate temporary storage facility for 800 or 3000 drums (depending whether bituminization or cementation are used for waste conditioning) has been proposed and technical specification, including preliminary safety analysis has been prepared by the contractor (SOGIN).

Project objectives have been met and the project was completed in time and in accordance with the work plan.
Further Project Results
Further information on the project results can be sought from the beneficiary organization.

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Bohunice A-1 Radiological Safety
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Waste Management
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IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency)
Empresarios Agrupados
SOGIN (Societa Gestione Impianti Nucleari)
GRS (Gesellschaft fur Anlagen und Reaktorsicherheit)
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