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Dismantling of the Liquid Waste Treatment Facility at Paldiski, Estonia, Phase I

Dismantling of the Liquid Waste Treatment Facility at Paldiski, Estonia, Phase I


Beneficiary organisation details

- Ministry of the Environment of Republic of Estonia

Project Aims

The overall objective of this study was to facilitate the dismantling of the nuclear reactors in the ex-Soviet nuclear submarine training center at Paldiski in Estonia.

The specific objective of the project was to collect all necessary information on the liquid radioactive waste treatment facility and to prepare a dismantling plan, including cost evaluation for different alternatives, in particular:

  • Collection and evaluation of available information;
  • Supplementary investigation of facility and equipment, aimed in preparation of detailed drawings of the real state and facilitate decommissioning planning;
  • Management plan for decommissioning waste;
  • Selection and evaluation of dismantling alternatives;
  • Cost evaluation of dismantling alternatives;
  • Development of conceptual dismantling plan.

Project Results

The project represents a significant contribution to dismantling and decommissioning of the nuclear reactors facility at the Paldiski nuclear submarine training center.

The beneficiary was provided with all principal information, necessary for development of the detailed dismantling plan of liquid radioactive waste treatment facility, in particular with:

  • Upgraded and updated description and design information on the entire facility, including updated drawings (3D-AutoCAD model), characterization of the radiological situation, evaluation of building construction stability and forecast of the future development in the case of deferred decommissioning. The information should facilitate foreseen dismantling of technological equipment and destruction of the civil part of the building;
  • Requirements and basic inputs for development of detailed dismantling plan, including regulatory aspects, identification of waste packages requirements, waste storage and final disposal options;
  • Dismantling procedures, dismantling and decontamination techniques, including identification of required tools and equipment. Proposal of relevant waste conditioning procedures;
  • Results of analysis of two principal dismantling options: immediate dismantling and decommissioning of the facility to the “green field” level and deferred dismantling (after approx. 50 years). Based on complex analysis of all inputs, considering recent situation, required urgent repair and conservation work and expected deterioration of the facility in the case of deferred dismantling, the first option – immediate dismantling – has been recognized as a preferable option;
  • Basic input for development of detailed dismantling plan comprising, beside others, definition of necessary preparatory work, proposal of dismantling sequence, details to dismantling of particular equipment, decontamination of equipment and civil constructions, time schedule and some others;
  • Cost assessment for both immediate and deferred alternatives of dismantling and decommissioning of radioactive liquid waste treatment facility.

Further Project Results

Further information on the project results can be achieved from the beneficiary organisation.

General Information

Dismantling of the Liquid Waste Treatment Facility at Paldiski, Estonia, Phase I
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Waste Management
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SGN (Societe generale pour les techniques nouvelles)
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