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Emergency Preparedness for on-site and off-site

Emergency Preparedness for on-site and off-site


Beneficiary Organisation Details

Czech State Office for Nuclear Safety

Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic

Hungarian Atomic Energy Commission

Project Aims

The objective of this project was the development/upgrading of a "source term and accident prognosis" module that can be effectively integrated within existing emergency arrangements at Emergency Technical Centres for VVER-440/213 units in the Czech, Slovak Republics and Hungary.

The project consisted of the following three main tasks:

  1. Adaptation of the 3D/3P methodology and of the original SESAME system developed for French PWR to WER 440/213-type reactors;
  2. Integration of the resulting system into the respective emergency response centres;
  3. Establishment of a training programme adapted to the users.

Project Results

  • It was demonstrated that the developed SESAME-VVER system was capable, at the onset of an accident, of providing estimates of the likely progression of the accident and of the current and potential magnitude and characteristics of radioactive material that might be released to the environment. It is based on information measured on-site and is used in an iterative and dynamic process aimed at constantly refining the assessment throughout the emergency depending on how the situation develops as more detailed and complete this information becomes accessible. Fast to run, these tools enable the experts to test numerous hypotheses on how the situation will develop. Therefore, the SESAME-VVER system provides a relatively accurate diagnosis which can be extended by several prognosis calculations. It enables the emergency response team to anticipate further failures;
  • The SESAME-VVER system was developed as an aid to the experts, who ultimately are responsible for the adequate and correct interpretaion of the information;
  • Comprehensive documentation (description of physical models, validation document, user manual, and a manual for installing and operating SESAME-VVER tools) containing all the elements required to train the emergency response team members were developed for each software program.

Further Project Results

Further information on the project results could be sought from the beneficiary organisations.

General Information

Emergency Preparedness for on-site and off-site
Budget year: 
Czech Republic
Types of activities: 
Technical Support Organisations
Duration (months): 
IRSN (Institut de Radioprotection et de Surete Nucleaire)
VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland)
NRI, Rez, Chech Republik, VUJE, Slovak Repuplic, AEKI&VEIKI, Hungary
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