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Enhancement of safety assessment capabilities of Bulgarian Nuclear Safety Authority (BNSA)

Enhancement of safety assessment capabilities of Bulgarian Nuclear Safety Authority (BNSA)


Beneficiary Ornganisation Details

Bulgarian Nuclear Regulatory Agency

Project Aims

The main objective of the project was to enhance the Bulgarian Nuclear Regulatory Agency capacities in the activities linked with the evaluation of the safety related studies and with the licensing of implementation of new safety important equipment.
For fulfilling this objective RISKAUDIT organised his activities in the following way:

  • For all technical topics indicated in the Terms of Reference (TOR) a team including a Bulgarian and EU TSOs have been formed.
  • The technical evaluation of each dossier was performed in accordance with the Bulgarian approach enriched by the elements coming from the EU practice. A harmonisation of the technical conclusions (between EU and Bulgarian experts) was a major step, that allowed a good assimilation by the Bulgarian TSO and BNRA of the EU approaches.
  • The BNRA used the harmonised conclusions and recommendations for the decisions related to the licensing of the corresponding modernisations and for the acceptance of the corresponding safety studies.

NRA and its TSOs under the Contractor’s guidance had actively participated in project related tasks, in order to receive an efficient on-the-job training.

Project Results

The project resulted in:

  • Support to the Bulgarian Nuclear Regulatory Agency and its TSOs in the review of the safety cases for Kozloduy NPP – 3, 4, 5 and 6, including regulatory review and approvals of plant-specific, in-depth analysis reports in compliance with widely applied practices within the EU.
  • Development of a modern well-documented quality management system and implementation of this system at the BNSA.
  • Assistence to BNRA and its TSOs with the regulatory review and assessment of the measures to ensure reactor pressure vessel integrity for Kozloduy NPP 3, 4, 5 and 6.
  • Transfer of know-how to BNRA and its TSOs for long-term perspective, enhancing their competence and capabilities.

The budget for this project was 2 000 000 euro.

Further Project Results

Further information on the project results could be sought from the beneficiary organisation. See also attached file.

General Information

Enhancement of safety assessment capabilities of Bulgarian Nuclear Safety Authority (BNSA)
Budget year: 
Types of activities: 
Regulatory Authorities
Installation types: 
VVER-440/230 + 1000
Duration (months): 
IRSN (Institut de Radioprotection et de Surete Nucleaire)
NII (Nuclear Installations Inspectorate)
STUK (Sateilyturvakeskus)
VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland)
GRS (Gesellschaft fur Anlagen und Reaktorsicherheit)
EAE Engineering, Energy Institute, Bulgarian Academy of Science
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