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Equipment supply for radiation monitoring system – RNPP units 1, 2, 3 and 4. Assistance for the project implementation.

Equipment supply for radiation monitoring system – RNPP units 1, 2, 3 and 4. Assistance for the project implementation.


Beneficiary Organisation: Energoatom - NAEK (beneficiary) and Rovno NPP (end user)
1) Background
Three reactors (2 WWER 440/213 and 1 WWER 1000/320) were in operation and one reactor (WWER 1000/320) was in the commissioning phase in 2004 at Rovno NPP. One of the main safety related systems at each NPP is the radiation monitoring system. Its main role is to ensure the personnel and environment protection against radiological hazards. The system also provides an early warning as soon as predefined thresholds are exceeded and supports the emergency management. The radiation protection system should allow for the continuous monitoring of the plant radioactive gaseous release activity at the stacks and the liquid discharge activity in the sumps of the liquid waste treatment station, in normal and accidental operating situations.
Considering the extensive set of controlled parameters and control points and the required high measurement frequency, an automation and high level of computerization of the radiation monitoring system was considered very useful.
The full-scope automatic radiation monitoring system covers, in principle, five sub-systems:
• Equipment for the monitoring of the radioactive release and radioactivity at the plant site;
• Equipment for the monitoring of the radioactivity in the immediate vicinity of the plant (R < 30 km);
• Meteorological station;
• Centralized data processing system for the information treatment;
• Communication system for the collection and transmission of all data.
Supply of the equipment for the first above mentioned subsystem was the object of this contract.
2) Objectives
The overall objective of this project was to contribute to the improvement of the safe operation of the NPPs in Ukraine, in particular, in the area of public and environmental protection.
The specific objective of this supply project was to provide the equipment for monitoring of the radioactive release and radioactivity at the plant site (the most important subsystem of automatic radiation monitoring system), which should be integrated by RNPP within the full-scope radioactivity monitoring and forecasting system at the site as well as in its vicinity.
3) Project Results – Achievements (With reference to the TORs)
The project was initiated in 1997 and was many times reformulated, modified and/or changed. In the final stage of the project implementation, the planned delivery time was eight months, however, the real delivery time was extended to twelve months and the equipment was finally supplied in 2004 in four packages:
• Stack monitoring equipment;
• Liquid waste and liquid releases monitoring equipment;
• Site entrance control equipment;
• Laboratory equipment.
Besides the equipment supply, the contractor assisted the beneficiary and the end user also in the preparatory and contract implementation phase, in particular, in:
• Preparation of the tender documents, contracting and assistance during the implementation period;
• Commissioning, functional tests, provisional and final acceptance tests;
• Development of the manuals and the procedures;
• Training of staff
• Metrological inspection
The implementation of this supply project is a part of building of the complex, automatic radiation monitoring system and represents a direct valuable contribution to increasing of the Rovno NPP operational safety.
4) Comments (Quality of the results, Lesson learnt, Recommendations for follow-up)
The final report describes properly and in sufficient detail the entire preparatory phase and indicates the scope and schedule of the equipment supply. The results of the project are properly demonstrated and they represent a valuable contribution to the complex automatic radiation monitoring system of the Rovno NPP.
The project fully met the objectives, stated in the relevant section of the ToR.
Further Information
Further information on the project results can be found in the Final report (available in the JRC Petten archive) and sought from the beneficiary organizations.
The Project Final report is available at the JRC-IE archive.

General Information

Equipment supply for radiation monitoring system – RNPP units 1, 2, 3 and 4. Assistance for the project implementation.
€ 878.604,00
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Equipment Supply
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EuroPA 97-0585 (contract PA)
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multi annual
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Special Fund (Procurement Agent)
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EuroPA 97-0585 (contract PA)
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