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Fuel Rod modelling and performance Feronia

Fuel Rod modelling and performance Feronia


Beneficiary Organization Details
State Office for Nuclear Safety (Czech Republic)
Project Aims
The State Office for Nuclear Safety of the Czech Republic (SONS) supported by the Nuclear Research Institute Rez (NRI) was engaged in licensing the fuel for TemelĂ­n and Dukovany NPPs. To this purpose it was necessary to perform extensive fuel rod behaviour analyses using some internationally acceptable computer code.
The objectives of the project consisted of the following tasks:

  • The code transfer to the SONS and NRI together with all the QA/QC procedures, related to the code transfer and implementation;
  • Testing of the code complexity and benchmarking at the NRI;
  • Training of two SONS and two NRI fuel specialists on input data and calculation chain preparation;
  • Preparation and software quality assurance (SQA) of the input data set for Temelin VVANTAGE-6 fuel;
  • Training of two SONS and two NRI fuel specialists on the code structure and methodology aimed to the VVANTAGE-6 fuel modelling;
  • The code application for the Temelin fuel thermo-mechanical behaviour analyses;
  • Common evaluation of the produced results;
  • The TRANSURANUS code validation for the VVANTAGE-6 fuel.

Project Results
The European Institute for Transuranium Elements with unique and proven experience in the field of fuel rod modelling assisted SONS and NRI in acquiring such computer analysis capacity. The final output of this project was:

  • Introduction of the TRANSURANUS code in the Czech Republic for the safety analyses of the fuel thermo-mechanical behaviour;
  • The ITU experts assistance to the SONS/NRI specialists in improving their experience in the fuel thermo-mechanical behaviour and benchmark calculations.

The start and end dates of the project as specified above are indicative only.
Further Project Results
Further information on the project results could be sought from the beneficiary organization.

General Information

Fuel Rod modelling and performance Feronia
Budget year: 
Czech Republic
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Technical Support Organisations
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VVER-440/213 + 1000
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JRC (Joint Research Centre - European Commission)
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