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Implementation of RODOS in Slovenia

Implementation of RODOS in Slovenia


Beneficiary Organisation Details

Slovenian Nuclear Safety Administration:

Project Aims

Following the
Chernobyl/>/> accident it was recognised that a computerised decision support system capable of supporting emergency planning and the evaluation of proposed or implemented measures is not available. To fulfil this need, the European Commission launched an international co-operative project to develop a system called ‘Real time on line decision support’ (RODOS). This system which is a complex suite of codes was developed by FZK of Germany (the main contractor), and has been implemented within number of countires in Western and
Eastern Europe.

  • The overall objective of the project was to implement RODOS system Version 6.0 within emergency arrangements in
    Slovenia/>/>. The aim of the project was to establish RODOS in in a “pre-operational” capacity so it could be further integrated by the responsible authorities in the national emergency arrangements .
  • Specific aim of the project was to establish all pre-conditions from computer hardware and communication links to procedures for normal and emergency operation and training of operators and users for the operation of a national RODOS centre. Within the project, RODOS was to be adapted to country specific local conditions. For this, the data collection needed to support that activity was part of the project Beneficiary’s activities (i.e. formally separated from Contractor’s tasks).

Project Results

The assistance was provided to install the RODOS system for pre-operational use in the national emergency centre of
Slovenia/>/>. The scope of work comprised the following tasks:

  • Computer hardware, software and peripheral equipment: procurement and installation

  • Communication lines, design and establishment

  • System software installation and testing of RODOS operation

  • System verification

  • Operating procedures and work plans

  • Maintenance programmes for supplied equipment

  • Training programmes

The budget for this project was 500 000 euro.

Further Project Results

a) See the attached file

b) Further information on the project results could be sought from the beneficiary organisation.

General Information

Implementation of RODOS in Slovenia
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