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Kalinin NPP: Secondary side water chemistry: Laboratory Analysis 1

Kalinin NPP: Secondary side water chemistry: Laboratory Analysis 1


The overall goal of the project was to improve the existing systems and methods for in-service diagnostic of corrosion condition of secondary circuit equipment and to elaborate computer calculation codes for resource estimation in the following areas:

  • Improvement of performance of automatic water chemistry control systems and increase reliability of diagnostics by considering abnormal water chemistry regimes;
  • Elaboration of methods for resource estimations based on actual water chemistry condition and deviations from prescribed values;
  • Scientific substantiation from the water chemistry point of view of safety limits for both operating and planned NPPs of VVER type.

Methods and equipment for pH and corrosion potential measurement working parameters had to be adapted for VVER-steam generator construction. Under this project, the computer codes and their documentation for estimation of the rate of corrosion-erosion and for establishment of the stress corrosion cracking procedures were provided through the TACIS On-Site Assistance at Kalinin NPP.

As a result of the studies conducted by the TACIS On-Site Assistance Consultant, it was shown that a tight chemistry control of the secondary side was required, so as to rapidly detect any deviation of the chemical control parameters that could endanger the behaviour of the secondary side equipment in general, and particularly the behaviour of the steam generators.
The OSA Consultant recommended that the TACIS programme should provide:

  • the secondary side of both units of Kalinin NPP with accurate and reliable in-line monitoring systems for the main chemical control parameters;
  • the laboratory of Kalinin NPP with analytical devices to accurately measure the species which cannot be detected by the in-line monitoring systems and which are essential to get a comprehensive view of the chemical conditions in the sensitive locations of the secondary side.

The objective of the present contract was to purchase the analytical devices for the Kalinin NPP laboratory. This equipment was purchased under two separate contracts with two different suppliers.
The in-line monitoring system for Unit 1 was purchased under a separate contract (also R1.03/92a). The in-line monitoring equipment for Unit 2 was purchased under the TACIS 1994 programme (see R1.03/94A).
The equipment purchased under the present contract included:

  • 2 water purification systems to produce ultra-pure water in order to prepare blank solutions for analytical purposes;
  • 1 capillary electropherosis (CE) analysing device to perform water analyses on all liquid streams of the power plant, including namely primary, secondary and steam generator blowdown water.

The contract was signed in April 1994 and the equipment was delivered July 1994.

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Kalinin NPP: Secondary side water chemistry: Laboratory Analysis 1
€ 61.102,00
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Special Fund (EC)
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CA 94-0046 & 94-1165 (PA)
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multi annual
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Special Fund (Procurement Agent)
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Crown Agents 94-0046&94-1165
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C4AA 3/35001/001