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KALININ NPP: Spare parts for Safety Class valves (Lot 5)

KALININ NPP: Spare parts for Safety Class valves (Lot 5)



As part of the Tacis 1992 nuclear safety assistance programme for Russia, it was originally decided to provide Kalinin NPP with a spare parts optimised management system and to procure urgently needed spare parts required for the maintenance and repair of foreign supplied safety related primary circuit valves that had been installed at Kalinin nuclear power plant during construction. Following further discussions between the On-Site Assistance consultant and the End User, it was recognised that the existing spare parts management procedures were sufficient and that a greater benefit would be obtained by using the whole available budget to purchase much needed spare parts.

The main concern of the NPP operator was related to the primary circuit zero leakage valves with bellows. There was no concern related to the quality of the valves but rather to the long period of time during which they had been operating without proper overhaul or replacement of degradable parts. The situation posed a threat to the integrity of the primary circuit.

The NPP operator, together with the On-Site Assistance Consultant prepared a list of urgently needed spare parts and these were divided into 5 lots:

  • R1.03/9E (Lot 1): Bellows, bellow-spindle assemblies and accessories for various valves originally supplied by Babcock Sempell.
  • R1.03/9E (Lot 2): Gears, bearings and accessories for electrical actuators originally supplied by Siemens.
  • R1.03/9E (Lot 3): Spindles and bearings for DN200 gate valves originally supplied by Persta.
  • R1.03/9E (Lot 4): Bearings for actuators originally supplied by Auma.
  • R1.03/9E (Lot 5): Bellows sets and accessories for stop valves DN15, DN50, DN125 originally supplied by KSB.

The spare parts were purchased by negotiated direct agreements with the original equipment suppliers or their approved agents and were identical to the original parts. All required documentation was included in the scope of supply.

Project Results

This contract is for Lot 5: Bellows sets and accessories for stop valves DN15, DN50, DN125 originally supplied by KSB. It was contracted directly with the company KSB and the equipment was manufactured and delivered between June and December 1994.

General Information

KALININ NPP: Spare parts for Safety Class valves (Lot 5)
€ 349.400,00
Budget year: 
Types of activities: 
Equipment Supply
Duration (months): 
Contracting authority: 
Special Fund (EC)
Partner (Beneficiary): 
KSC Anlagenbau (Kraftswerk - Service Cottbus)
Old reference: 
CA 94-0046 & 94-1165 (PA)
Project reference: 
R1.03/92E (Lot 5)
Decision number: 
multi annual
Method of procurement: 
Special Fund (Procurement Agent)
Procurement Agent contract: 
Crown Agents 94-0046&94-1165
Procurement Agent reference: 
C4AA 3/35004/002
Signature date: 
Effective contract date: 
Contract end date: 
Closure date: