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Kozloduy 6 Month WANO programme, item F- updating of operating procedures

Kozloduy 6 Month WANO programme, item F- updating of operating procedures


Beneficiary Organisation

Kozloduy NPP:

Project Aims

The main objectives of the project were as follows:

  • to evaluate the needs for improvements of NPP Kozloduy operational procedures;
  • to provide training to NPP Kozloduy staff which would help them to upgrade in future the plant procedures, as independently as possible.

In addition to the procedures evaluation, training and planning activities, IVO International has planned to develop a new structure of procedures for Kozloduy NPP and start the upgrading of selected procedures in cooperation with the Bulgarian experts involved in the project.

Project Results

The present status of the procedures of Kozloduy NPP have been compared with the procedure system of Loviisa NPP, taking into account the differences between the NPPs. Status of each procedure has been evaluated.

A new system of operating procedures has been developed based on the system of Loviisa NPP. The existing procedures, after upgrading, as well as the newly developed procedures could be included in the proposed new structure.

The need for updating/ creating procedures and work priorities for Kozloduy NPP was addressed and established under the project. The developed list of procedures contains:

  • 149 procedures of normal operation;
  • 20 procedures of emergences;
  • 28 procedures of disturbances;
  • 83 procedures of periodical testing;
  • 19 procedures of system line-up;
  • 9 QA procedures related to QA actions of operation and to preparation of operating procedures.

The procedures of normal operation, emergences and disturbances were split into groups based on technology. The procedures were divided into three priorities groups. IVO International recommended that the procedures of the highest priority should be taken into use before re-starting-up of the units.

Further Project Results

Further information on the project results could be sought from the beneficiary organisation.

General Information

Kozloduy 6 Month WANO programme, item F- updating of operating procedures
Budget year: 
Types of activities: 
On Site Assistance
Installation types: 
VVER 440-230
Duration (months): 
IVO Fortum
Energoproject, Ltd
Old reference: 
Effective contract date: 
Closure date: