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Kozloduy units 5&6 modernization programme- Environmental Impact study for the purposes of EC

Kozloduy units 5&6 modernization programme- Environmental Impact study for the purposes of EC


Beneficiary Ornganisation Details

Kozloduy NPP:

Project Aims

This environmental impact study for the Koz1oduy Units 5&6 modernization programme was carried out under the framework of PHARE B.01-03-96 project. Its main purpose was to provide information which could be used by the European Commission as input to evaluating the eligibility of the modernization programme for Euratom loan financing. The study was not an environmental impact assessment (EIA) as defined in the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria, however the information in the study might be useful to those who were preparing such an EIA for the modernization programme at that time in Bulgaria.

Project Results

The study dealt with the assessment of the following issues which were considered to influence the “actual” and “potential” environmental impact of Units 5&6:

  • Radiation doses to members of the public during normal operations;
  • Radiological impact on the environment (flora and fauna) during normal operations;
  • Non-radiological impact on the public and the environment (e.g from discharges to air of non-radioactive chemicals, thermal effects in the River Danube from discharges of cooling waters);
  • Off-site arrangements for responding to nuclear and radiological emergencies (arrangements at local, regional, national and international levels);
  • Radiological protection of staff at Units 5&6;
  • On-site emergency response arrangements;
  • Quality assurance in all aspects of Units 5&6 operations related to environmental impact;
  • And, briefly, the management of solid radioactive wastes and spent fuel.

In each case the present situation was assessed as well as any future developments which could have resulted from the implementation of the proposed modernization programme. The criteria used in the assessments and evaluations were internationally recognized standards, and best practices as applied at western nuclear power plants, especially those operated in European Union countries.

Results of the analyses have been used to develop an "environmental action plan" (EAP) which contained 16 recommendations that in the view of the project contractors would have further improved the environmental situation around Kozloduy units 5&6.

Conclusions from the study

During normal operation the radiological and non-radiological impact of Units 5&6 on the public, the environment and the workforce was found to be low, and comparable or below that of many western nuclear power plants. In view of this finding, the emphasis in the Modernization Programme on nuclear safety improvements was strongly supported, e.g. those measures which could reduce the risks of potential severe and less severe accidents at Units 5&6 should have been given high priority.
Carrying out the actions identified in the EAP developed as part of PHB1.03-96 related to emergency response would further improve the protection of the public and the workforce in the unlikely event that an accident occurs. The proposed EAP actions related to normal operations were mainly intended to make Bulgarian standards and procedures fully consistent with the most recent internationally accepted practices.

Further Project Results

  • See the attached file;
  • Further information on the project results could be sought from the beneficiary organisation.

General Information

Kozloduy units 5&6 modernization programme- Environmental Impact study for the purposes of EC
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Design safety
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Initec Energia
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