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Management and Dissemination solution for nuclear safety results

Management and Dissemination solution for nuclear safety results


In 1991, the European Union began providing technical assistance supporting the transition to a market based economy in Eastern Europe and Central Asia through the TACIS Programme. This programme comprised an important nuclear safety component.

Within the nuclear safety component of the TACIS programme, the Joint Research Centre provided its technical and scientific expertise to AIDCO which was in charge of implementing the TACIS nuclear safety projects.

As part of its technical support, the JRC Petten developed a dissemination tool (website and database) dedicated to the provision of information on Russian and Ukrainian completed TACIS projects. This tool was operational from January 2005.

In the meantime, AIDCO decided that a web site with greater functionality and containing more information on TACIS nuclear safety projects was required.

Therefore, AIDCO and JRC (Petten) decided to centralise all the information related to TACIS nuclear safety projects that was available on different databases in a single system.

In February 2007, the TACIS Programme was replaced by the Instrument for Nuclear Safety Co-operation (INSC).

The main objective of this contract was the setting-up of a single "repository" for centralisation and storage of TACIS Nuclear Safety and INSC project information. The specific objective was to develop an information database with a web-based portal and search engine that would allow public access to information on completed TACIS and INSC projects.

The aim of the new tool (database and website) was to increase the communication between all the stakeholders (Moscow and Kiev Delegations, Utilities, Western contractors working on site, etc.), TACIS monitoring, joint offices in Moscow and in Kiev, other DGs, Member States and Partner countries' experts, task managers, etc. and to ensure the transparency of the nuclear safety activities.

Following development of the application, the commission was in charge of the data loading.
Project Results

The contract was signed by the European Commission on 05/12/2007. The starting date of activities was 07/01/2008 and its end was on 15/06/2008. The contract was closed on 26/11/2008.

The contractor provided AIDCO with a prototype web-based Database Repository aimed at disseminating nuclear safety project information (basic contract data as well as a description of the objectives, scope and achievements) to the general public in a user-friendly way, without any restriction and with "knowledge database" functionalities.

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Management and Dissemination solution for nuclear safety results
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