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NDE Equipment including Manipulator for Main Circulation Piping Inspection - supply part

NDE Equipment including Manipulator for Main Circulation Piping Inspection - supply part


Project Description
Delivery of equipment required for inspection of the VVER 1000 Main Circulating Piping Welds, using non-destructive testing methods by performing UT inspection. The scope of supply includes a UT inspection equipment, manipulator, and blocks for calibration and qualification.
The objectives of the projects have been defined as follows:

  • Transfer of scientific-technical information on experience, results, reliability and implementation in the field of Non-Destructive Examination in West European nuclear power plants,
  • Assessment of Russian Non-Destructive Examination data available from examination performed during manufacturing, erection and operation,
  • Prioritisation of the development actions for the different main primary components,
  • Development of a technical specification for the delivery of in-service inspection equipment,
  • Elaboration of improved and optimised instructions for in-service inspection,
  • Presentation of the results to Gosatomnadsor (GAN).

Four main tasks have been originally identified and worked out:
1. Assess and elaborate improved in-service inspection programme:
1.1. Codes & Standards, Organisation, Experience (status),
1.2. Components,
1.3. In-Service Inspection (ISI) methodology & concept,
1.4. In-Service Inspection (ISI) instructions (handbook),
1.5. Needed inspection equipment,
2. Assess and define improved technique, operator qualification and training programme:
2.1. Reliability (techniques, instruments & human factors),
2.2. Assessment of operators,
2.3. Comprehensive training equipment,
2.4. Simulators and equipment,
3. Specify the needs for equipment and services for future projects,
4. Provide assistance to the beneficiary for the implementation of future projects into a long-term perspective and its follow-up.
Project Results
The objectives set forth in the Terms Of Reference (TOR) were properly covered by the deliverables. All tasks have been achieved as per TOR, but deeper and more voluminous than originally foreseen, except task 4, which could not be worked out at the expected level, as far as no projects were launched in time.
Valuable information on the status of the current In-Service Inspection (ISI) programmes in Western European and Russian nuclear power plants has been exchanged and discussed. The mutual understanding and appreciation of the respective underlying “philosophy” has been considerably enhanced as a solid basis. The general policy for upgrading the ISI instructions with long-term views was discussed and proposed. This policy was generated in line with the European Non-Destructive Examination Forum (ENDEF) strategy for the implementation of effective ISI systems in the East European countries. Some more practical results were achieved like the identification of improved ISI techniques for ISI of primary components, which could be immediately made applicable for Russian type Pressurised Water Reactors (VVER). The ISI handbook, which has been jointly generated, is based on an extensive feasibility study of the possible application of improved and optimised ISI techniques and outlines examples of good practice. Technical specifications for procurement of advanced ISI equipment have been jointly prepared, as well as recommendations for the implementation of advanced training courses.
These achievements form a consistent set appearing as a necessary prerequisite for the implementation of a performance-related code in place of a prescriptive code. Thus, they intend to create the best conditions for the implementation of the corresponding transition period, currently under consideration in Western countries. Nevertheless, this step forward in terms of performance and Safety needs further implementation of follow-up projects and procurement of equipment, which have been identified.
The co-operative work and the documentation provided had a positive impact by improving the safety culture and building-up a desirable policy for implementing a consistent ISI system, even if no implementation of significant procurement projects has been launched yet in that framework in Russia.
The project did not succeed in generating on-line project implementation as foreseen in the Terms of Reference (TOR), mostly due to delay in implementation, but also because the objective was to build first a consistent frame for the long term. As indicated above, this situation was not really anticipated and needed additional accompanying measures in order to cope with the implementation of the suggested automated In-Service Inspection (ISI) systems.
However proposals were made in order to help to select and prioritise smaller follow-up projects on-line with the conclusions of the project in order to take benefit of its positive effect and transfer a large amount of the good ideas into reality. Basically, consideration was given for:

  • The implementation of the equipment supply on the basis of the developed technical specifications,
  • Further selected design projects in strong co-ordination with the European Non-Destructive Examination Forum (ENDEF) in order to avoid any duplication with already on-going projects.

The following projects are suggested:
- To transfer of the results to the VVER 440 reactors,
- To implement a consistent technology development programme for VVER reactor application, with regards to adaptation of existing techniques and production of prototypes,
- To generate adequate test blocks,
- To study factors with negative influence on ISI effectiveness,
- To study the limits of the systems capabilities,
- To establish the Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) related inputs for review and adaptation of ISI codes and standards,
- To establish a qualification, training and maintenance centre (improve safety culture and avoid duplication of equipment).
Whereas the European Commission is concerned with this challenge in terms of programming further Technical Assistance to the Commonwealth of Independent States (TACIS) projects according needs and funds, Rosenergoatom (REA) is concerned about the optimal implementation of these projects with regards to their integration into a solid strategy. Basic questions like efficient management of ISI experience feedback for validation of optimised ISI instructions and the creation of a Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Center for co-ordinated training, qualification and maintenance should further be considered.

General Information

NDE Equipment including Manipulator for Main Circulation Piping Inspection - supply part
€ 711.210,00
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Equipment Supply
DS - Design safety (incl. Off-Site Emergency Preparedness)
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ITALTREND-1355 (contract PA)
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multi annual
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Special Fund (Procurement Agent)
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wo26 NSP-051-REA-008
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