NDT Equipment

NDT Equipment


In the framework of the TACIS 1992 Nuclear Safety programme, the Commission agreed with the Ukrainian authorities on technical assistance projects to be financed by the European Community in the field of nuclear safety. One such project was the delivery of non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment required to improve the in-service inspection of the steam generators of the Rovno Nuclear Power Plant.
The integrity of the tubes and other components of the steam generators of a nuclear power plant is of high importance for the prevention of accidental conditions. The in-service inspection of the steam generators is a vital component in the defence against loss of integrity of the steam generator components and consequently of their operational safety.
Notwithstanding the competence of the Rovno personnel in the area of non-destructive testing and examination of the reactor components, the available equipment at the power plant did not allow the detailed NDT of the steam generator tube bundle along the length of the tubes. Moreover, the inspection of the steam generator collectors had to be performed manually which resulted in high radiation doses for the personnel and limited the extent of the inspection as well as the amount of complementary information the could be obtained regarding detected defects which in turn prevented a complete analysis.
For this reason it was decided to provide the necessary equipment to allow a complete NDT of the integrity of the steam generator collectors as well as the tubes along their whole length, by the eddy current inspection method. The employed inspection method had to allow the characterisation of the detected defects and the signal acquisition had to be automatic, for reasons of productivity and in order to allow proper signal analysis. Automatic signal acquisition also allows the comparison of inspection results over time in order to ensure the identification of any developments.

The project concerned the supply of an eddy current non-destructive testing system comprising:

  • Equipment for data acquisition:

o Eddy current instrument;
o Computer with software for data acquisition;
o Optical disk for storage + SCSI interface;
o Data acquisition board;
o Cables;
o Voice-link system;

  • Probe carrier and control unit;
  • Moving system for bobbin coil axial probe and control unit;
  • Moving system for two rotating probes and control unit;
  • Video system;
  • Equipment for analysis

o Computer with software for analysis of the signals from each probe;
o Laser printer;
o Optical disk for storage + SCSI interface;
o Cables;

  • Spare parts for 2 years operation;
  • Accessories and consumables required for 2 inspections

o 12 rotating probes;
o 14 bobbin coils;
o 30 optical disks;

  • The following services:

o Supervision of unpacking, set-up, testing;
o Training of End User personnel for the mechanical part of the equipment and the operation of the electronic part + software;
o Technical assistance for the first inspection.

The contract was signed in July 1994. Factory acceptance tests were completed in June and delivery to site in July 1995. The personnel training was carried out in July and August 1995 covering the mechanical and electronic aspects of the equipment. The Provisional Acceptance Certificate was signed in October 1995. Training on signal analysis was performed in December 1995. Technical assistance for the first inspection was provided during the summer of 1996 and Final Acceptance was pronounced in July 1997.

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NDT Equipment
€ 1.483.611,00
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Equipment Supply
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Special Fund (EC)
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CA 94-0046 & 94-1165 (PA)
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multi annual
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Special Fund (Procurement Agent)
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Crown Agents 94-0046&94-1165
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