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Reactor coolant pump (RCP) vibration monitoring system

Reactor coolant pump (RCP) vibration monitoring system


Beneficiary Organisation: Goskomatom
1) Background
Vibration monitoring system (VMS) was planned to be installed in 4 RCPs at each operating unit in SUNPP in order to improve reliability and ensure safe operation of the units. It is important to assess the condition of these pumps, which are essential for reactor operation, through vibration measurements. The aim of the VMS is to monitor operation characteristics of the RCP for getting quickly identification of fast developing defects which could be harmful for nuclear safety, personnel and other equipment. The aim is at providing alarms in due time in case of appearance of such defects. Additionally it is important that staff have the possibility to identify slowly developing defects on other important nuclear safety related rotating and non-rotating equipment by collecting and processing data periodically by means of portable vibration analyses equipment.
2) Objectives
The objective of the project was to provide a centralized control panel and a modern RCP vibration monitoring system (VMS) as well as a portable equipment and standard procedure documentation for the management of these systems. For all these purposes the plant personnel at different levels and functions were also to receive appropriate training in using the equipment and system.
3) Project results–achievements
This project started officially on October the 16th 1996 after signing the contract between the EC and the OSA Utility. The technical Specification for this supply contract was issued in January 1997. The Technical Specifications were delivered to the Procurement Agent on the 18th of March 1997 in order to start the tender procedure. The PA sent to the EC the Final Draft Invitation to Tender Dossier and the Draft Advertisement for publication in the Official Journal, the 11th of November. This documentation was approved by the EC as stated in fax sent by the PA on 25th of November, and the tender was launched in December 1997, with deadline 16th of February 1998.
The following project activities were identified in the TS:
Task 1 Action Plan
Task 2 Endorsement of Procurement TS
Task 3 Tender process
Task 4 Place order of equipment
Task 5 Engineering activities
Task 6 Construction and erection
Task 7 Supervision of construction and erection (Unit I, II and III)
Task 8 Updating organisation of vibration diagnosis laboratory
Task 9 Calibration and transfer of operational procedures
Task 10 Supervision of equipment installation (Unit I, II, and III)
Task 11 End User's personnel training
Task 12 Testing and commissioning
Task 13 Licensing activities
Task 14 Final report
The final contracting of the project was a complicated procedure which finally was awarded to the company Bruel & Kjaer from Denmark. In May 2000 EC/SCR finally approved the revised Financial Evaluation Report and the work could start with the awarded company Bruel & Kjaer. The Kick-Off meeting took place in November 2000 at SUNPP.
The Ukrainian sub-contractor Rusich elaborated the installation package documentation and submitted them to SUNPP in January 2001. The 1st training course was held in Denmark February/March 2001 with the attendance of 3 plant specialists. They also took part in the acceptance tests of the equipment at the factories. The equipment were delivered and they arrived in the SUNPP, Unit 2 at the end of March 2001 for installation. At the same time the supplier was proposing the schedule for the remaining training program of plant staff.
Further Information
Further information on the project results could be sought from the beneficiary organizations.

General Information

Reactor coolant pump (RCP) vibration monitoring system
€ 1.363.621,00
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Equipment Supply
South Ukraine
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EuroPA-5449 (contract PA)
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multi annual
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Special Fund (Procurement Agent)
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EuroPA-5449 (contract PA)
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