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RMTC Obninsk Equipment for Russian Methodology and Training Centre (II)

RMTC Obninsk Equipment for Russian Methodology and Training Centre (II)



The Russian Federation decided to transform and reinforce its State System of Accountancy and Control (SSAC) of nuclear materials. The kernel of this improvement was the implementation of modern SSAC approaches based on international experience.

At the basis of the new system, following the example of other national or regional systems, it was planned to have an institutional framework of laboratories giving reference and traceability to national and international measurement standards. Methodological support and training were also planned as part of the NMA&C system.

One of the areas identified as a primary need for co-operative assistance was 'Education and Training', which was, at the time, considered a very important component for the future implementation of the new approach to nuclear safeguards in Russia. Considering the large number of nuclear plants in the RF and their large size, it was expected that several hundreds of nuclear material accountancy personnel and safeguards inspectors would need to become familiar with the application of the new concepts, regulations, techniques and procedures.

The Russian methodology and training centre (RMTC) had been established to provide education and training in NMA&C for a major part of the Russian fuel cycle. It was intended that this training and education should reflect and support the objectives of the Russian system.

Contract 24798 was the third phase of a project to establish the RMTC. One of its objectives was to identify equipment and tools needed for the training centre and to prepare the Technical Specifications for the equipment procurement. The equipment was then procured by the EC under TACIS funding. The equipment and instruments identified by the Consultant of contract 24798 for the RMTC were:

Lot 1: Verification system for metal cap seal. For surveillance and automatic indication of changes in seal patterns: One desktop computer, TV camera, image grabbing card for computer, 16 GB data storage archiving unit, 20" video monitor and seal illuminator. Complete with software for image acquisition, archiving, retrieval and indication of eventual changes in the seal pattern.

Lot 2: Computer aided surveillance system. Optical surveillance system for recording images from digital cameras surveying safeguards relevant areas: Three camera stations, each comprising a digital camera and an industrial PC with a card for external control of the camera shutter, plus one 'review' station comprising a desktop PC and UPS, all components interconnected by Ethernet.

Lot 3: Equipment for training room for nuclear safeguards education. Classroom equipment including computer network comprising 1 server and 16 terminals complete with OS and office software, UPS, Ethernet hub, one laser and one colour inkjet printer; one overhead projector; one video/multimedia projector; metaplan/pinboard device, copy machine and classroom furniture.

Lot 4: Active/passive neutron interrogation device for VVER and RBMK fuel assemblies. Two devices (one for each fuel type, each comprising a sample cavity compatible with the respective fuel assembly type, neutron detection system and data acquisition and analysis device) for the measurement of the U235 and U238 content per unit length in fresh uranium fuel assemblies: .

Lot 5: Hybrid densitometer. One Non Destructive Assay tool capable of giving high accuracy with short measuring times, of both concentration and isotopics of uranium and plutonium in lquid forms, as well as gamma emitting fission products. The equipment comprises an X-ray tube, low energy germanium detector, cooling water flow controller, reference samples, sample vials, two Cd-109 radiation sources, PC, software and cabinet enclosure.

Lot 6: Mass volume laboratory TAMSCA. To provide a training facility dedicated to upgrading the Russian methodology in the application of mass volume measurement techniques as utilised by both nuclear inspectors and operators of nuclear facilities for nuclear accountancy and control. The equipment comprised 1 PC, 1 notebook computer, 3 capacitance probes, 10 digital pressure transducers, 2 differential pressure cells, 1 strip chart recorder, 1 electronic weighing scale, 2 air temperature sensors, 2 humidity sensors, 1 atmospheric pressure sensor, 4 temperature sensors, 1 portable digital pressure calibrator, along with associated software for data acquisition from the different sensors and data analysis and storage.


The equipment was contracted through competitive tendering. The call for tender was launched during the September 1998. Due to a number of issues and the need for contract negotiations, the tender evaluation and contracting was protracted. No compliant offers were received for Lots 1 and 2. Contract negotiations for Lots 3 to 6 led to the signature of two contracts, one for Lots 3, 4 and 5 and the other for Lot 6.

This contract was for Lot 6.


The contract was signed 17 September 2001. The equipment was delivered and installed and the Provisional Acceptance Certificate was signed on 29 July 2003. The Final Acceptance Certificate was signed on 15 September 2004.

General Information

RMTC Obninsk Equipment for Russian Methodology and Training Centre (II)
€ 229.195,10
Budget year: 
Types of activities: 
Equipment Supply
WDS - Waste, Decommissioning and Safeguards
Duration (months): 
Contracting authority: 
European Commission (default)
Partner (Beneficiary): 
MINATOM RF, later ROSATOM (since 12/2007)
Doerler Mesures
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ITALTREND-5455 (contract PA)
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multi annual
Method of procurement: 
Special Fund (Procurement Agent)
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