In-service inspection.

In-service inspection.


Beneficiary Organization Details
Dukovany NPP (Czech Republic)
Project Aims
This project was devoted to the improvement of the In-service Inspection (ISI) programme and to achievement of a level of quality and effectiveness of ISI of VVER 440-213 reactors equivalent to the level of European practice, under development through the ENIQ (European Network for Inspection Qualification). Objectives of the project were as follows:

  • Within the framework of In-service Inspection / Non destructive examination (ISI/NDE) to provide the Beneficiaries with Contractor expertise in the needed managerial, technical and commercial aspects for:
    • evaluation of efficiency of NDE procedure able to be used for In-Service Inspection (ISI) of Reactor Pressure Vessel (RPV) components, based on an improved ISI programme;
    • definition of samples representative of RPV areas subject to ISI;
    • definition of the rules to evaluate and later qualify NDE methods, materials and operators;
    • presentation of the proposed activities to the safety authorities and to the reviewers;
    • implementation of qualification facilities.

Project Results
The project consisted of several Tasks such as:

  • NDE procedures efficiency:
    • identify and select the procedures to be evaluated;
    • identify the essential variables of those procedures;
    • define priorities within the areas or components subject to ISI programme.
  • Samples definition:
    • for each area selected a representative of areas subject to examination define size and shape of the samples;
    • definition of number, type, location, size, orientation, ... of the flaw to be implanted in the sample;
    • analysis of access to the samples (moke up, pool, ...) related with the procedure used.
  • Rules for evaluation:
    • establishment of the data for the exercises (type of flaws, blind test and or technical justification, ...);
    • method of evaluation (ratio of detection, false calls, ...);
    • complete knowledge of the samples in determining the actual flaws by destructive tests or partial investigation or quality assurance programme of the supplier and non destructive testing (NDT).
  • Rules for qualification:
    • definition of the qualification procedures;
    • comparison of this procedure with Western rules.
  • Review and approbation:
    • presentation of the proposed activities to the reviewers (ENIQ, AMES, NESC, ...) and to the local Safety Authorities.
  • Implementation of the evaluation and qualification process:
    • writing specification to purchase test samples;
    • purchasing of samples (qualification of suppliers of sample material and flaws);
    • implementation of the service (qualification of personnel required for evaluation of the results and survey, purchasing of hardware, ...).

The project was completed according to the specified Terms of Reference. The start and end dates of the project as specified above are indicative only.
Further Project Results
Further information on the project results could be sought from the beneficiary organizations.

General Information

In-service inspection.
Budget year: 
Czech Republic
Types of activities: 
On Site Assistance
Installation types: 
VVER 440-213
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EDF (Electricite de France)
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