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In service inspection of primary circuit components (Continuation PH1.02/94)

In service inspection of primary circuit components (Continuation PH1.02/94)


Beneficiary Organization Details
Dukovany NPP (Czech Republic)
Project Aims
The objective of the present continuation project was to provide a level of quality and effectiveness of In-Service Inspection equivalent to the level of European practice. For this reason it was necessary to complete the ISI-programme for VVER 440-213 type primary circuit components of high safety concern that have not been covered by the project Phare 1.02/94.
The project consisted in the improvement of ISI for three additional inspection areas, suggested and justified by the main Beneficiary:

  • Main circulation pump (MCP) shell to elbow weld;
  • Longitudinal weld of MCP elbow;
  • Pressurizer nozzle to transition nozzle dissimilar weld;

Project Results
The project was completed into the same phases as the original project to enable a sufficient level of integration:

  • Evaluate ISI effectiveness for selected inspection area;
  • Provide an additional development programme and planning;
  • Supply of test assemblies and calibration blocks;
  • Supply of inspection procedures;
  • Define inspection qualification for all the inspection areas;
  • Perform inspection qualification for at least one inspection area;
  • Evaluate the improved ISI effectiveness;
  • Present the proposed activities to the reviewers (ENIQ, AMES, NESC, …) and to the local Safety Authorities.

Further Project Results
Further information on the project results could be sought from the beneficiary organizations.
The start and end dates of the project as specified above are indicative only.

General Information

In service inspection of primary circuit components (Continuation PH1.02/94)
Budget year: 
Czech Republic
Types of activities: 
On Site Assistance
Installation types: 
VVER 440-213
Duration (months): 
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