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Set-up of Three Laboratories for Independent Analysis - Nuclear Metrology Analysis of Nuclear Material of Unknown Origin

Set-up of Three Laboratories for Independent Analysis - Nuclear Metrology Analysis of Nuclear Material of Unknown Origin



This project is a continuation and extension of a previous TACIS project R5.02/96 (see contract 24943 for the relevant background).


The objective of the project was to transfer western know-how and technology in the field of measurement of samples of nuclear material for purposes of Nuclear Materials Accountancy and Control (NMAC) by assisting the Beneficiary to upgrade the laboratories installed under contract 24943 at the AA Bochvar All-Russia Research Institute of Inorganic Materials (VNIINM) in Moscow. Upgrading of the laboratory capabilities was to be achieved by advanced training of personnel in key techniques for measuring nuclear materials and provision of additional modern measurement equipment. Additionally, for the nuclear forensic laboratory, it was intended to help the Beneficiary improve its nuclear materials database by the provision of new data.


The following tasks were performed:

Task 1 – Preparation of work

Definition of the detailed project time schedule, distribution of activities and establishment of work plan. Preparation of the Inception Report.

Task 2 – Identification of Needs for Equipment and Training

Determination of the needs for additional equipment as required to improve the analytical and metrological capabilities. Definition of a prioritized list of equipment for each of the three laboratories.
Determination of the needs for advanced training in analytical techniques and methodology, as well as in metrological concepts. Definition of a training schedule for each of the three laboratories.

Task 3 – Specific Technical Training

Task 3.1: Provision of training at JRC-ITU and Task 3.2: Provision of training at JRC-IRMM according to the schedule defined in Task 2.

Task 4 – Nuclear Materials Database

Task 4.1 - Maintenance of the Nuclear Materials Database, introduction of new data and harmonization of the common sector of the database between JRC-ITU and VNIINM.

Task 4.2 - Introduction of an option for extension of the Nuclear Materials Database with information on non-conventional fuels, as compiled in an electronic archive of historical literature.
A lot of the activities in Task 4 had to be performed by VNIINM staff at Moscow under a subcontract from the Consultant.

Task 5 – Provision of Instrumentation

Task 5.1 - Development of Technical Specifications for procurement of the equipment identified in Task 2.
Task 5.2 - Organization, with the European Commission, of the tender evaluation process
Task 5.3 - Installation and testing of the purchased equipment and instruments

For more information on the equipment supplies, see project R5.12/03S (contract 76782).

Task 6 - Production of the Final Report

The contract was signed on 1 March 2003 and was completed on 1 July 2007.

General Information

Set-up of Three Laboratories for Independent Analysis - Nuclear Metrology Analysis of Nuclear Material of Unknown Origin
€ 213.576,00
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WDS - Waste, Decommissioning and Safeguards
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European Commission
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MINATOM RF, later ROSATOM (since 12/2007)
JRC (Joint Research Centre - European Commission)
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