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South Ukraine Polar crane - Maintenance

South Ukraine Polar crane - Maintenance


Beneficiary organisation: Energoatom, Ukraine
1) Background
South Ukraine NPP needed support for improvement of its maintenance system: maintenance management was not performed according to modern practice.
2) Objectives
The objective of U1.02/94J was to provide South Ukraine NPP with a modern and technically well based maintenance management programme, which covers all aspects, as an essential factor to ensure plant safety and availability.
Planned outputs for this project were:
Implementation of a maintenance management manual;
Maintenance engineering:
writing of maintenance engineering specification;
writing of a TS (Technical Specification) for spare part management;
supply of relevant hardware and software equipment.
Critical spare parts:
writing of technical specification for critical spare parts;
supply of critical spare parts.
Maintenance tools:
writing of technical specification for the supply of maintenance tools;
supply of maintenance tools.
3) Project results–achievements
Preparatory phase:
Preparatory phase has been implemented by South Ukraine NPP and EU OSA utility DTN (Spanish company). DTN ensured also the project follow-up during implementation phase.
At the beginning of the project, an assessment of South Ukraine NPP maintenance management was performed, and then an action plan was elaborated, and endorsed by South Ukraine NPP in February 1997.
Then, a maintenance management manual has been developed by maintenance experts from South Ukraine NPP, with technical help of maintenance experts from Spanish Trillo and Zorita NPPs.
In March-April 1997, the following documents were developed in collaboration between South Ukraine NPP and DTN:
Maintenance management manual;
Maintenance engineering procurement TS for RCM (Reliability Centred Maintenance) implementation;
RCM specification (which is the maintenance engineering specification in project objectives);
TS for critical spare parts and maintenance tools.
Open calls for tenders were necessary for RCM specification, maintenance and spare parts management system, and polar crane critical spare parts. The other critical spare parts have been procured by direct agreement, due to dependence from specific suppliers.
Consultation of potential suppliers showed that budget was not sufficient, and a reduced list of critical spare parts to be procured was prepared in November 1998.
First version of TS for maintenance storage management system (for spare parts management) was issued late 1998. The evaluation committee took place in October-November 2001, but EC did not approve the evaluation report. The tender evaluation took place late 2003-early 2004, and the Finnish company Enprima was awarded.
Implementation of the supply and service contracts:
RCM (maintenance engineering): contract was signed with French company FRAMATOME (now FRAMATOME ANP) in November 1998. Kick-off meeting took place at South Ukraine NPP in December 1998. The aim of the project was to train South Ukraine NPP personnel. Expected contract duration was 6 months. In the frame of this contract, South Ukraine NPP maintenance experts took profit of French approach for RCM. Main tasks of this project were:
Training of a large number of South Ukraine NPP people (four groups of about 50 people each) about RCM methodology;
Training of South Ukraine NPP trainers (about 40 people in two sessions) so that they are able to spread out RCM methodology to other South Ukraine NPP staff;
Concrete application of RCM methodology to 2 systems of South Ukraine units as an example.
Critical spare parts and maintenance tools: many contracts were signed by direct agreement with various suppliers end 1998- beginning 1999, and relevant critical spare parts were supplied in 1999-2000. Last delivery at South Ukraine NPP took place in August 2000, and final acceptance was signed in October 2000.
Critical spare parts for polar crane: tendering process was launched in December 1998, and supplier INKLA was awarded early 1999, for contract duration of 12 months. Spare parts were delivered, and certificate of final acceptance was issued in May 2000.
Spare parts management system (maintenance storage): Ukrainian company Energoprojekt delivered hardware (25 workstations and connections) in October 2004 at South Ukraine NPP. Local network has been erected in January 2005 and tests have been performed, but provisional acceptance cannot be released because customs clearance is still pending (Energoprojekt is not recognised as a subcontractor of Enprima - only Fortum is subcontractor of Enprima).
4) Comments
There is no information about the acceptance of spare parts management system: it was still pending in June 2005.
There is also no information available about the use of maintenance management manual at South Ukraine NPP.
Preparation and implementation spare parts management system took a long time:
Approval of TS and the question of the composition of the evaluation committee took a long time;
Approval of evaluation report by EC took about two years for an unknown reason;
OSA utility changed: DTN until May 2003, and Tractebel from April 2004;
Non declaration of Energoprojekt as a subcontractor of Enprima made difficult customs clearance.
Further information
Further information on the project results could be sought from Energoatom and South Ukraine NPP.
The Project Final report is available at the JRC-ir archive.

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South Ukraine Polar crane - Maintenance
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