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Spare parts for imported safety equipment - Replacement of 6.3 kV breakers (Part 2)

Spare parts for imported safety equipment - Replacement of 6.3 kV breakers (Part 2)


1) Background
The South Ukraine NPP (SUNPP) has safety valves supplied by Western European providers. It is essential for the utility to have spare parts for these advanced valves. This project was initiated in order to provide the spare parts to SUNPP.
2) Objectives
The objective of the project was to provide all units of SUNPP with a supply of spare parts for nuclear island safety related valves.
3) Project results–achievements
An on-site Kick-off meeting took place during October 1998. During that meeting the project scope and planning was reviewed and agreed between SUNPP and Tacis experts. Also the list of spare parts to be supplied, proposed by SUNPP experts, was reviewed. Tacis experts verified that all spare parts included in the list were for safety related system valves. As a result of the kick-off meeting, a draft report "Spare Parts for Imported Safety" was issued on October 29th 1998. It includes the spare parts list and the recommendations for the interventions to be carried out during SUNPP refuelling outages of 1999.

Dated July 23rd 1999. the PA informed DTN that the Formal Work Order to proceed with the procurement process was finally prepared by the EC so that the supplier contracting for the part I of this project U1.02/97C could be started. The PA prepared the draft of contracts to be placed with the usual suppliers: Persta, Bopp & Reuters. KSB, Babcock Sempell.
In August 2000, the PA received the formal work order from EC to proceed with a direct agreement contract. In August 2000 DTN received from the procurement Agent (PA) the proposals for the spare parts. Therefore these supply contracts were to be awarded using a negotiated procedure.
The PA also requested DTN to inform which of the offered spare parts could be purchased, as the offered total amount exceeded considerably this project budget.
Along September and the first fortnight of October 20, DTN, in collaboration with SUNPP, prepared a list of the spare parts to be purchased, according to their priority. The final list was transmitted to the PA on October 19th, 2000.
The Task Manager authorised the direct agreement with the German suppliers. Consequently, the Procurement Agent started to prepare in February 2001 the contracts with IBL GmbH, KSB and Sempell. The PA submitted to the EC the supply contract with IBL GmbH for endorsement on February 2001. The contract with IBL, already signed by the EC, was sent to DTN on March 28th, 2001. Once the approvals from Energoatom and SUNPP were received, the contract was finally signed by IBL on May 23rd, 2001.
At the beginning of May 2001, DTN studied the revised offers of KSB and Sempell in order to check that all SUNPP requirements were matched. On this subject, the corresponding commitments were issued on May 8th and 11th, 2001, respectively. Along May and June 2001. Tacis Team supported the PA regarding all necessary documentation to be provided by the suppliers within their deliveries.
However, the new rules for registration at the Minister of Economy request from the End User to submit a complete set of documents, including the contract with the suppliers, Technical Specifications and a list of specialists involved. The contract with IBL was registered at the Minister of Economy on July 27th, 2001. In addition, this contract, already signed by all involved parties (EC, Energoatom, Plant and IBL) was submitted back to Energoatom on July 31st, 2001, for the customs clearance process. The valves from IBL were finally delivered to the plant on August 13th, 2001. Consequently, once SUNPP and DTN duly signed the Certificate of Provisional Acceptance, it was submitted back to the Procurement Agent for approval and further transmittal to the Commission. In September 2001, DTN submitted to IBL GmbH the Certificate of Final Acceptance, duly signed by the End User and the Utility.
Regarding the contracts with the other suppliers, Sempell and KSB, already approved by the EG, were submitted to the plant on August 2001. The Plant submitted then the contracts to Energoatom on November 2001.
In January. 2002, five originals of the Supply Contracts between the Contracting Authority Energoatom and Sempell AG and KSB Armaturen GmbH, respectively, endorsed by the End User and signed by the Contracting Authority, were submitted to the Procurement Agent.
On March 22nd and 26th 2002, the contracts were signed by KSB and Sempell respectively. On July 2002, the delivery by KSB arrived to Ukraine. In January 2003 the Plant signed the Certificate of Acceptance. On March 2003 the delivery of SEMPELL arrived to SU NPP and the appropriate Certificate of Acceptance was signed on April 2003.
4) Comments
As it appears from the above description that a lot of administrative problems caused a low progress of the project. Nevertheless, the project was successful and the delivery was completed in the budget period.
Further Information
Further information on the project results could be sought from the beneficiary organizations.

General Information

Spare parts for imported safety equipment - Replacement of 6.3 kV breakers (Part 2)
€ 198.190,00
Budget year: 
Types of activities: 
Equipment Supply
South Ukraine
Duration (months): 
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Old reference: 
ITALTREND-0333 (contract PA)
Project reference: 
Decision number: 
multi annual
Method of procurement: 
Special Fund (Procurement Agent)
Procurement Agent contract: 
ITALTREND-0333 (contract PA)
Procurement Agent reference: 
wo05 NSP-011-SUK-002/97
Procurement Agent provisional acceptance: 
Procurement Agent Final acceptance: 
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