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Spare parts/components for the PSB Test Facility - lot 1

Spare parts/components for the PSB Test Facility - lot 1



The VVER-1000 reactors constitute the latest generation of soviet-designed pressurized water reactors (PWR). They have been designed and built according to the requirements set out in the Russian OPB-82 safety regulations, which comply with international practices and safety standards.

The Tacis 97 program for nuclear safety contains provisions for the project referenced R2.03/97 –Part A- devoted to the development -or improvement- of reactor thermal-hydraulic safety analysis capabilities, related to the core behaviour during thermal transients. These reliable capabilities are compulsory to precisely evaluate the reactor core safety margins during normal, incidental and accidental phases, to draw possibly corrective design, and to improve accident management procedures.

These capabilities can be developed through the preparation and validation of accident management scenarios, through a numerical way and an experimental one.

The development of these capabilities will take into account the available international experience, especially from Western institutes. Thus a direct transfer of know-how from Western institutes with relevant expertise is expected.
To address the thermal-hydraulic experimental needs, a large-scale test facility called “PSB-VVER-1000” has been built at EREC, Elektrogorsk, Moscow Region.

General Description of PSB-VVER-1000 Test Facility:

The PSB-VVER-1000 test facility represents a model of a VVER-1000 V-320 reactor system. It consists of a pressure vessel housing an electrically heated rod bundle and four identical loops with all major components and safety features of the reference reactor, the 3000 MWth NPP. Experiments on the test facility are carried out in an automatic mode with use of the process control system and the data acquisition system of the test facility. It has more than 1000 measuring channels.
The PSB-VVER-1000 test facility is at present the only large scale test facility suited for the investigation of thermal-hydraulic phenomena during accident and transients in VVER-1000 reactors including the verification of related accident management procedures.
As part of the Tacis Project R2.03/97A, on this test facility, twelve experiments will be executed. These experiments are needed to validate codes and to improve the related VVER-1000 accident management procedures.


This project supports the large scale project R2.03/97 with equipment consisting of Spare parts/components for the PSB Test Facility and Office equipment for Data acquisition and processing at the Electrogorsk Research and Engineering Center (EREC) in Electrogorsk.
The PSB-VVER 1000-test facility is in operation since 1998. From this time onwards some equipment became inaccurate and demands replacement. Besides this within the framework of project R2.03/97 the intensive experimental program (12 experiments within 12 months) also will demand replacement of a part of the equipment, either because of physical deterioration, or to adapt the test facility to model various types of emergency processes with various PSB-VVER 1000 system configurations.

Project Results

The subject of the contract included the manufacture, delivery (DDU, Incoterms 2000), supervision of installation, warranty, after-sales service, and adaptation to Russian language, by the supplier, of spare parts and components for the PSB Test Facility delivered DDU at EREC Electrogorsk in Moscow.
Description of articles delivered:
• 25 DP transducers, max. static pressure 25 MPa, output signal 4-20 mA,
• 84 DP transducers, output signal 4-20 mA, max static pressure 25 Mpa
• 30 DC power supply for P- and DP-Transducers; 220-240 Volt, 50 Hz, Nominal output signal: 36 Volt, Nominal load current of one channel: 70mA;
• 55 DP transducers, max static pressure 25 MPa, output signal 4-20 mA,
• 5500 meter Cable, connecting DP transducers to DAS,
• 4 Control valves with electric drive
• 1 Isolation valve with electric drive
• 20 Stem position pick-up; Input signal: 0-35 Revolutions of shaft; Output signal 0-5mA, non-linearity 2.5 %; Power 9VA
• 3 gamma-detector (Hyper pure Germanium detector)
• 1 Portable low pressure calibrator
• 1 Temperature calibrator

General Information

Spare parts/components for the PSB Test Facility - lot 1
€ 377.415,00
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Equipment Supply
DS - Design safety (incl. Off-Site Emergency Preparedness)
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