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Support to VATESI for licensing of the activity related to decommissioning of INPP

Support to VATESI for licensing of the activity related to decommissioning of INPP



  • Provision of support to the RPC in reviewing of Ignalina NPP (INPP) and RATA submittals on decommissioning and radioactive waste management issues and the evaluation of such submittals.
  • According to the original planning the assistance was provided to RPC in the following technical areas:
    • Review of technical specifications (TS) on radioactive waste disposal facilities
    • Review of Environmental impact assessment programs and reports as well as on preliminary safety analysis reports.
    • Review of Unit 1 decontamination and dismantling (D&D) projects;


    • Sub-task 1.1: Licensing of decommissioning activities for the INPP Unit 1. The Technical Specification (TS) on turbine hall D&D was submitted to Western TSO's for review. Comments were provided by SERCO and CEPN. Furthermore, SERCO provided training to RPC staff in application of the software tool "MicroShield".
    • Sub-task 1.2: Interim storage facility for RBMK spent nuclear fuel assemblies. The "Environmental Impact Assessment Program" for the B1 - Interim spent nuclear fuel store (prepared by RWE NUKEM) has been reviewed.
    • Sub-task 1.3: New solid radioactive waste treatment and storage facilities for INPP. The "Environmental Impact Assessment Program" for B 234 - New Solid Waste Management and Storage Facilities (prepared by RWE NUKEM with subcontractor LEI) was reviewed and amended and discussed with the submittal producer (LEI) and RPC.
    • Sub-task 1.4: Landfill for very low level (VLL) radioactive waste disposal. The "Technical Specification" on the facilities for disposal of VLL radioactive waste, prepared by the INPP decommissioning service, has been reviewed and discussed with INPP and RPC. Advice to RPC on procurement of assessment computer codes was also given as part of task 1.

    The objective of the task was to enhance the Lithuanian capabilities in assessing exposure, though:

    • Another important objective of the project was to perform a transfer of know-how from the contractor to the concerned organisations in the beneficiary state in order to allow them in the future to perform similar work on their own, integrating the feedback of western experience.
      This was achieved by performing review work within task 1 where comparison with western European practises were made and reported to RPC, and through task 2 work with the ALARA guide and seminars. The beneficiary participated actively in all project-related tasks.
      <span en-gb""="" style="" mso-no-proof:="" "="" lang="">Some major organisational problems had to be solved during the project due to delays in submittal producing by INPP and its consultants. Subsequently, some activities especially within the subtasks of task 1 had to be cancelled or replaced with respect to the original plan and schedule. For that reasons Amendments to the contract had to be elaborated and agreed.
      Beneficiary Organisation Details
      State Nuclear Power Safety Inspectorate (VATESI)
      Radiation Protection Centre (RSC)
      Project Aims
      The overall objective of the project is to strengthen VATESI capabilities for licensing of Ignalina NPP decommissioning activities. Assistance to the Radiation Protection Centre for the same purpose as concerns radiation protection matters has also to be provided.
      Project Results
      The project is under implementation. It shall be considered as continuation of LI.01.17.02 project which was implemented under PHARE 2001 budget year.
      Project budget was 1 500 000 euro.
      Further Project Results
      Further information on the project implementation status could be sought from the beneficiary organisations.

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Support to VATESI for licensing of the activity related to decommissioning of INPP
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Swedish International Project Nuclear Safety
Institute of Physics (FI), Kaunas Technical University (KTU)
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