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Technical assistance during the reconstruction of unit 2 in South-Ukraine NPP

Technical assistance during the reconstruction of unit 2 in South-Ukraine NPP


1) Background
Inspection of valves important for nuclear safety provided by German valve manufacturers for the SUNPP was an important part of the Tacis 1995 annual program. This type of inspections had proved to be very important in earlier outages related to Tacis annual programs of 1993/1994 and it was considered most important to continue this kind of support activities.
2) Objectives
To provide to SUNPP all necessary spare parts for the valves of foreign origin, as well as the necessary maintenance service from original valve manufacturers and to implement the required maintenance service after 10 yeas of unit operation. The project included the following elemens:
• Task 1: Selection of valves and spare parts
• Task 2: Supply of spare parts
• Task 3: Supply of maintenance service
• Task 4: Final report
3) Project results–achievements (with reference to the TORs)
No final report from the supplier could be found in the available documentation for this project. Therefore it was not possible to make a reliable review of the results of this supply project. Nevertheless, based on a draft report issued in March 1996, some information regarding the project could be found. The beneficiary had selected 107 safety valves for inspection and refurbishment at all the Units at the SUNPP site. Out of this batch of valves, twenty six were proposed to be repaired under the supervision of German specialists. The list includes the valves and their corresponding actuators, classified under priority 1 and 2 (Safety class 1 and 2). The list of spare parts was also reviewed, including all necessary information except prices of the spare parts. More information was requested on some of the valves and actuators. The schedule was also checked by the plant and it allowed 66 days for inspection and upgrading of the valves and actuators by German manufacturers. The date for the planned refuelling outage was delayed for two weeks and the date for starting the work was unsure.
The beneficiary provided a complete team for the valve maintenance including responsible manager, clerical services, maintenance manager and two skilled technicians. The beneficiary provided aslo mechanical tools and workshop facilities, dosimeter resources and radiological protection clothes, all auxiliary equipment needs for different valve zones, assistance for work permission and paper work related to radiological control in contaminated zones.
At the end of the work the contractor was to submit a complete report of the work done on each valve, identifying the work done during the outage and recommended actions for future related activities as to: any maintenance activities required, any other part of a valve to be changed in the future, results of tests carried out on the valve and the final report with further recommendations.
Further Information
Further information on the project results could be sought from the beneficiary organizations.
The Project Final report is available at the JRC-IE archive.

General Information

Technical assistance during the reconstruction of unit 2 in South-Ukraine NPP
€ 29.537,00
Budget year: 
Types of activities: 
Equipment Supply
South Ukraine
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FICHTNER-1351(contract PA)
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multi annual
Method of procurement: 
Special Fund (Procurement Agent)
Procurement Agent contract: 
FICHTNER-1351(contract PA)
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wo16 5761-A07-160-4
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