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Transfer of Western European Methodology to the Nuclear Safety Authority of Romania (2nd Phase)

Transfer of Western European Methodology to the Nuclear Safety Authority of Romania (2nd Phase)


Beneficiary Organisation Details

National Commission for Nuclear Activities Control (CNCAN):

Project Aims

  • The main objective was to strengthen and enhance the effectiveness of the Romanian Nuclear Regulatory Authority and to improve its competence and independent technical assessment capability.
  • Other objectives were addressed to the areas for which the enhancement has the highest priority in the framework of accession process and for which transfer of Western European methods and practices is deemed to be most appropriate.
  • The topics were related to: Quality Management System within the CNCAN organization, CNCAN performance on inspection practice and emergency preparedness, Assistance in elaboration/implementation of regulations/norms/guides in accordance with European legislation, Western practice and taking into account the IAEA requirements.

Project Results

  • Some improvement was achieved with regard to the CNCAN Quality Management System in terms of structure, content, identification of main and support processes, definition of flowcharts and training processes.
  • CNCAN received a significant training and skill for handling media and related issues.
  • Assistance and support was provided to revise draft regulation for regulatory management of plant modifications, and to revise norms on decommissioning of nuclear installations.
  • Training was implemented with respect to: evaluation of safety aspect of civil structure design and also with respect to approach from regulatory side for independent review and evaluation of safety reports submitted by the applicants.
  • A consistent and extensive assistance was provided with specific recommendations with regard to review methodology and principles for NPP onsite emergency preparedness.
  • CNCAN were assisted in techniques for radiation measurements during nuclear and radiological emergencies.
  • Exchange of experience took place and discussion of specific requirements for regulatory approach and regulation content for governing the safety transport of radioactive material.
  • Finally assistance was provided for the elaboration of regulatory documents on radiation protection based on the applicable European Directives and to strengthen the inspection practices in the field of radiation protection.

The budget for this project was 450 000 euro.

Further Project Results

Further information on the project results could be sought from the beneficiary organisations.

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Transfer of Western European Methodology to the Nuclear Safety Authority of Romania (2nd Phase)
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