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TSO Support to VATESI during Application of SAR and RSR Results in the Licensing of Ignalina NPP

TSO Support to VATESI during Application of SAR and RSR Results in the Licensing of Ignalina NPP


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Project Aims
The overall objective of this project was to reinforce the Lithuanian Nuclear Regulatory Authority (VATESI) in its activities related to licensing of Ignalina NPP Unit 1, by providing assistance through Western European Technical and safety organisations.
The specific objective was to provide a technical assistance and training in following main areas:

  • Application of the results and conclusions of the new Ignalina Safety Analysis Report (SAR);
  • Interpretation of the conclusions and recommendations of the independent SAR review;
  • Interpretation of the conclusions and recommendations of the Ignalina Safety Panel (ISO);
  • Assessment the proposals of Ignalina NPP for safety improvements (SIP-2) aimed at being granted a licence;
  • Monitoring the proper implementation of the necessary safety improvement measures at INPP Unit I.

Project Results
Main project activities were oriented to utilization of the results and conclusions of SAR, ISO and SIP-2 for licensing process of Ignalina NPP Unit 1. The practical work was performed via following task groups:

  • Accident localization system – work oriented to safety evaluation of the design, thermal-hydraulic analyses, operating experience, leak detection, structural integrity tests, etc.
  • Control and protection system – covered eight principal control and protection systems safety issues and also the improvements implemented in 1998;
  • Reactor cooling system – work was aimed mainly in assistance in preparation and review of reactor cooling system safety case to support the licensing process. A specific problem of safety implications of stress corrosion cracking in the 300 mm pipelines was also successfully solved;
  • Emergency operating procedures – was oriented particularly to reliability of human factor and safety culture issues. Extensive training was provided in these subjects;
  • Safety management – consists of detailed audit of management and operational practices and helped to establish efficient regulatory interfaces with operator;
  • System analysis – monitored the progress of meeting the recommendations from the SAR and SAR review, using co-ordinated approach of all involved parties, in particular VATESI and INPP operator;
  • Environmental/equipment qualification – was aimed in preparation and initiation phase of implementation of equipment qualification procedures according to common western standards;
  • Licensing assistance task was oriented to direct support of Licensing assistance project steering committee, dealing with licensing the INPP Unit 1, review and approval of safety related modifications and improvements and assistance to VATESI in preparation of the licensing decision.

This project was a consistent part of co-ordinated support and assistance to Lithuanian Nuclear Safety Authorities in the period of Ignalina NPP, Unit 1 licensing (performed by VATESI) and significantly contributed to success of licensing process.
Project objectives have been met and the project was completed in time and in accordance with the work plan.
Further Project Results
Further information on the project results can be sought from the beneficiary organizations.

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TSO Support to VATESI during Application of SAR and RSR Results in the Licensing of Ignalina NPP
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