EuropeAid Safety Training

EuropeAid Safety Training


Training and Tutoring for experts of the NRAs and their TSOs for developing or strengthening their regulatory and technical capabilities to strengthen the capabilities of the beneficiary nuclear regulatory authorities (NRAs) and their technical support organisations (TSOs).


  • the provision of training and tutoring of the employees (experts) of NRAs in view of strengthening the capabilities of the beneficiary NRAs.
  • support the NRAs in their effort to become reasonably self sufficient in terms of management and technical means.
  • to promote nuclear safety and the use of EU best practices;
  • to support the enhancement of capacities of nuclear regulatory authorities of the partner countries including their technical support organisations.

The training and tutoring effort is executed by consultants. They have to be contacted concerning all matters of course content and participation.


Eligibility according to Geographical area

The geographical scope of the programme covers Eastern Europe & Central Asia (ex-CIS); Central North Africa and Near & Middle East.


The main stakeholders are the partners i.e. the Nuclear Regulatory Authorities of the Partner Country and their TSO’s, the European Union represented by EuropeAid (DevCo) and more generally the population of the beneficiary countries through the increase of the nuclear safety level.

Related events

Pilot International School of Nuclear and Radiological Leadership for Safety

Université Côte d’Azur (UCA) Nice, France - 30 October to 3 November 2017

The objective is to develop the safety leadership potential of early to midcareer professionals. Participants will strengthen their ability to practice leadership for safety in nuclear and radiological working environments, which feature inherent complexities and often competing considerations.

The course also supports participating organizations’ and Member States’ capacity building endeavours. In the long term, the school is expected to contribute to global nuclear and radiological safety.

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Second Coordination Meeting of the Training and Tutoring (T&T) initiative

Brussels – 15 and 16 June 2016

The European Commission (DEVCO B5) is implementing the Training and Tutoring initiative for 4 years. The phases I and II are completed and phases III and IV are now implemented. The phase V has been approved. After 4 years of implementation it is now time to evaluate the past activities and the way forward.

The European Commission working with its Contractors is organizing the second “Coordination meeting” to present, discuss and coordinate the different Training and Tutoring activities among all the stakeholders. The meeting will be organized in 2 different sessions dedicated to:

  1. Coordination Meeting: Session related to the presentation and discussion of the initiatives for training and tutoring by the EC, the IAEA and other organisations. (15 June 2016).
  2. Coordination Meeting: Session related to the presentation by the T&T partners (countries benefiting of the Training and Tutoring), wrap-up and conclusions (16 June 2016).

The meeting offers an excellent opportunity for INSC T&T partners to present their results regarding training of their staff as well as feedback on how the T&T projects can effectively contribute to the future training of the staff of the Regulatory Authorities and their Technical Support Organisations.

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Adriaan van der Meer presented Merit Awards to the best trainee and the best tutee of the INSC "Training and Tutoring" project

EUROSAFE FORUM 2015 - 2 November 2015

Adriaan van der Meer, Head of Unit B5, handed over two Merit Awards to the best trainee (Miss Maro AGHAZARIAN from the Armenian Regulatory Authority ANRA) and the best tutee (Ms Indah ANNISA from the Indonesian Regulatory Authority BAPETEN).

The safe utilisation of nuclear energy requires competent and independent national nuclear safety authorities and technical support organisations. Through the Instrument for Nuclear Safety Cooperation (INSC), the EU contributes to the improvement of nuclear safety and efficient and effective safeguards in non-EU countries. An important initiative of the INSC programme are the "Training and Tutoring" (T&T) projects with the main goal to provide post-graduate professional education to expert staff at regulatory authorities and technical support organizations from non-EU countries.